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The Mid-State Amateur Radio Club

Franklin, Indiana

"Serving Central Indiana Communities for Thirty-One Years”

Monday, July 21, 2014

Build A Kit Day - October Meeting

MARC Members Kit Building Day - October 2014

1. OHR RFL100 - See ($39.99 plus shipping)
This is a easy to build yet very useful 100w HF dummy load.  Protect
your finals in your HF rig, use this dummy load to check your tuning,
and take accurate measurements of your power output, and use it to help
troubleshoot potential transmitter issues.

2. Arrow Open Stub Dual Band J-Pole antenna for 2m and 440 Mhz
($37.50 plus shipping in a bulk order, we need to order 10 to get this
Can be mounted outside on a mast, a fence post, or just about anything.
Can also go in the attic.

If you need to learn to solder, we are putting together a soldering
class sometime in September.  Ken KD4ALA has agreed to assist with the
teaching of the soldering class.  You can get a simple yet fun to do,
practical soldering kit from Ramsey Electronics for about $10 plus


Harbor Freight at Southern Plaza has a nice soldering kit, it's a 30
watt, light weight soldering pencil for about $5.00 - DO NOT buy a
soldering GUN for these projects as they get way too hot.  You just need
a small soldering pencil in 25-30 watt range to build any of these

Send me an email if you want to build the Arrow antenna kit.  I am
making a list, as soon as we have at least 10 I will notify you that we
will be placing the order.  You will then be required to pay by cash or
check for your kit.  You can build both kits if you want to.  Order the
dummy load kits as soon as possible.

73 de KB9BVN
Brian Murrey

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Posted 4:14 PM by Andrew Murrey

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One (1) day Technician Training Class.

Mid-State Amateur Radio Club.

What: Technician Class
When: Saturday, August 9  @ 8:00 am 
Where: Johnson County Emergency Operations Center (Basement C.R.).

Cost: FREE, with the exception of the book. (Book can be picked up from the ARRL on-line Store here).

All students must have their own ARRL Technician License Training Book.  Start studying now!

The one day training session will cover all of the required topics at an accelerated pace.

Testing at the end of the session.  (Lunch will be provided).

Please register online (Click here).


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Posted 10:20 PM by Kevin Nuetzman

Monday, July 14, 2014

From SouthGate Amateur Radio News - Free Online Electrical Engineering Course

Free On-line Electrical Engineering Course
A new Massive Open On-line Course (MOOC) covers Analogue/Digital Electronics, AC/DC Circuits, Electro mechanics and an introduction to C programming.

Over the last few months here at Liverpool we have been putting together a MOOC (Massive Open On-line Course) which introduces aspects of electrical engineering. The course starts in September, but you can sign up now. It's free and there are no gimmicks.
The link to the MOOC info is here:

Any ideas on how to make this course better are welcome.

Matt O’Rourke
MOOC developer
Liverpool University On-line Electrical Engineering Course

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Posted 11:16 AM by Andrew Murrey

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Monthly Dinner- Get Together!

Jockamo Pizza was the place.  

Everyone seemed to enjoy getting together.  

Good conversation. Great food. 

Hope everyone can make it next month!

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Posted 9:10 PM by Kevin Nuetzman

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


July 9th. at Jockamo Pizza located at 401 Market Plaza, 
in Greenwood.  Between Smith Valley and Main Street (off Madison Ave). 
Gathering starts at 6, order dinner about 6:30 Everyone welcome!

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Posted 5:27 PM by Kevin Nuetzman

Monday, June 30, 2014

Field Day 2014 Results

Field Day Results from Steve, K9DY!

Here are the results after I input and merged the paper and computer logs:

 Total Contacts = 287
 Total Points = 368

 Operating Period: 2014/06/28 19:05 - 2014/06/29 04:04

 Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

 Band     CW   Phone  Dig   Total       %

   80         7       9        0       16       6
   40         4      88       0       92      32
   20       50      82       0     132      46
   15       20      27       0       47      16
 Total      81     206       0     287     100

In addition, we worked:
41 States
3 Canadian Provinces
8 Countries

Based on results posted for 2013 Field Day, this score would have put is in #12 of 17 stations in that class.  None were in Indiana.

Steve K9DY

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Posted 4:41 PM by Andrew Murrey

Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Field Day Pics

Some more folks running the station!  This youngster scored us several points with some great Field Day contacts!

First time Field Day participant, KD9BCS makes her first contact using the WA9RDF station!

Future MARC member checking out the station.

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Posted 7:16 PM by Andrew Murrey

FIELD DAY PHOTOS - 2014 (Click to enlarge)


Posted 9:25 AM by Kevin Nuetzman

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Field Day

Just a reminder that Saturday June 28th is the start of Field Day. The club station will be on the air from the EOC operating continuously for 24 hours from 2pm Saturday through 2pm Sunday. Set up will start about noon. I know an operators schedule was not posted so feel free to come down to the EOC anytime. All operators will be appreciated.

If you cannot make it down to the EOC at least “work” us for the points!!

We will provide hot dogs and chips. Feel free to bring a side dish if you would like but not required.

Hope to see you there.
Jacki, KI6QOG

Posted 8:53 AM by Andrew Murrey

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Field Day - some tidbits and stats

1: First field day was on June 10, 1933 and has been held consistently, with one exception. During the silent years of WWII, 1942 thru 1945, there was no field day – or any amateur radio activities during the war years.

2: It was originally organized to “schedule field activities and excursions with concentrated operation of portable transmitters and receivers and had the described objective for each ‘portable’ station to work as many amateur stations possible.

3: Check out a VERY interesting story by Rol Anders, K3RA at this web page

4: The ARRL Field Day has become one of the single largest radio contests for amateur radio in North America.

5: The ARRL Field Day is not the only one there is. IARU Region 1 (Europe – America is in region 2) Great Britain and Germany holds a separate contest with CW and phone on different weekends in June. And Greece holds it field day, SSB only, the first weekend in September.

6: 2013 Field Day Stats are:
a) Total number of QSO’s - 1,268,916
b) Total number of CW QSO’s - 528,569 (Who said CW was dead?)
c) Total number of Phone QSO’s - 689,224
d) Total number of Digital QSO’s - 51,103
e) Total number of Operators - 36,560
f) There were 44 field day sites listed for Indiana in 2013.

That breaks down to:
1) Every operator handled an average of 38.68 QSO’s in the operating period.
2) An average of 46,997 QSO’s an hour!
3) An average of 783 QSO’s a minute!
4) An average of 13.05 QSO’s a second!

Total Entries2,6572,6662,6482,6422,4092,3312,199
Total Participants37,56739,28737,76437,59235,79834,83332,056
Total QSO's1,400,2581,434,3631,329,7101,360,4011,236,8551,212,8551,236,825
CW QSO's592,094577,181540,419556,525506,139511,580518,799
Digital QSO's50,90845,09941,87238,34027,86922,11221,459
Phone QSO's757,256812,083747,419765,536702,847679,240696,567
Post provided by Rusty

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Posted 5:07 PM by Andrew Murrey

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

MidState Amateur Radio Club's Summer Time Tech to General Upgrade Class FINAL REGISTRATION

What: Tech to General Upgrade Class
When: 6 straight Wednesdays from 7:00pm to 8:30pm starting on 25 June 2014
Where: White River Fire Department #51 - 3016 W. Olive Brach Road
Cost: FREE, with the exception of the book.  All students must come ready with their own ARRL General License Exam Book.  The book can be picked up from the ARRL website.


Registration can be done here at this link.

If you are interested in helping out with this class by teaching a subject or two, please reach out to Andrew Murrey, N9AWM.

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Posted 9:00 AM by Andrew Murrey

Saturday, June 07, 2014


M.A.R.C. club members enjoyed another Strawberry Fest.

A good time was had by all that attended.

We made several radio contacts, had a few children try out talking on the radio.
Demonstrated  Amateur Radio to several interested people who stopped by
to see what we were about, and discussed with them the hobby in general.

Hope to see you next year!

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Posted 9:02 PM by Kevin Nuetzman

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Governor Pence has proclaimed June 23 - 29 as Amateur Radio Week, in the
GREAT State of Indiana!

The Proclamation mentions several GREAT things that Hams do in Indiana,
showing how truly AWESOME our Hoosier Hams really are!  

The proclaimed week will culminate with our ARRL Field Day, on the 28th
and 29th.  Please make plans to take part in this very important and
very prestigious event.  It is one of the ways we test our skills as
Amateur Radio Operators, in case of an emergency.  It is a good way for
the general public to see what we are all about.  So, please make plans
to be with your local Field Day Group during Field Day.

Take a look at the Proclamation here: Read
what the Governor has to say about Hoosier Hams and Amateur Radio.


Lou Everett, Sr., WA5LOU
ARRL Section Manager, Indiana Section

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Posted 5:27 PM by Kevin Nuetzman

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Man Found In Hara Arena, Days After Hamvention Ends
A Vermont amateur radio operator was found today in a remote hallway within the Hara Arena complex, days after the end of Hamvention. Officials at a news conference identified the man as Gerry Mapleshire and described him as being found “disoriented, hungry, and with several days of beard growth.”
Ham Found in Hara Arena Days After Hamvention EndsAfter medical technicians on the scene revived his blood sugar by providing him a leftover $6 Hamvention Hotdog, Mapleshire recalled what happened.
“It was shoulder-to-shoulder on the arena floor. I remember a nice-looking lady handing me a free Kenwood cloth bag full of brochures and a lapel pin, then the crowd shifted and I was pushed into the MFJ booth,” said Mapleshire. He says that’s when his “survival instincts” kicked in.
“I got on my hands and knees and crawled out of the MFJ booth. I got to the arena floor ramp but the crowd was so thick. I somehow ended up in a hall by the loading docks, without my Kenwood bag,” he said.
He wandered through dark hallways trying to find his way out of the vast complex for three days before a maintenance worker found him. “I called for help on 146.520 but no one answered,” said Mapleshire.
Hamvention information deputy Ned Doubtman investigated why his radio call went unanswered. “Turns out he was transmitting WITHOUT a PL tone. Everyone here blocks out QRM by using a PL tone on transmit and receive. It’s no wonder he wasn’t heard,” said Doubtman.
Mapleshire says he’s still recovering from the traumatic experience, but would like to get in touch with someone from Kenwood so he can get his lapel pin.
Kevin, K5KVN
From our friends at


Posted 8:18 PM by Kevin Nuetzman

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Indiana Radio Club Council is looking for nominations for the 2014
Technical Excellence Award.

The IRCC Technical Excellence Award provides a way to recognize Indiana
Amateur's that are advancing the state of the art or have used or shared
their technical expertise to the benefit of the amateur radio

Look around your area, there are plenty of technical hams in our ranks.
We are looking for the best of these.

They could be doing technical mentoring, projects, seminars or have
presented technical talks at your club meetings or a forum at a

They may be working with digital communications, home brew,  remote
station control, repeaters, antenna tinkerers or just plain old time
ham radio "geeks."


Any amateur radio operator in Indiana may submit a nomination.

Nominee must hold a amateur radio license and be a resident of Indiana,
are not required to be a member of any club or organization.

We need as much information about your nominee as possible. Please
explain in some details what you nominee has done with their technical
skills, achievements, mentoring, projects and how the amateur radio
community benefits for those efforts.

Include: the nominees: name, call, email and/or home address, and home
and/or cell phone number.

We also need the nominating person: name, call, email and/or home
address, and home and/or cell phone number. We may need to contact you
for additional information or confirmation.

All nominations must be received by June 5, 2014.

The IRCC Technical Excellence Award is to be presented at the
Indianapolis Hamfest on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at the IRCC forum.

SUBMIT NOMINATIONS TO: Jim Rinehart, K9RU, 1455 Shannon Ave.,
Indianapolis, IN 46201 or k9ru.indy@


Posted 8:33 PM by Kevin Nuetzman

Four new ARRL Section Managers will take office on July 1. Ballots
were counted May 20 at ARRL HQ for contested races in the spring SM
election cycle.

In Indiana, Joseph Lawrence, K9RFZ, of Fort Wayne, received 652
votes to top incumbent Section Manager Lou Everett Sr, WA5LOU, of
Cumberland, who polled 482 votes. Everett has been SM for the past 2

Lawrence previously served as Indiana's Section Emergency
Coordinator, as Allen County ARES Emergency Coordinator, and
District 3 DEC. He is currently the Allen County RACES Radio Officer
and IDHS Digital Amateur Radio Advisory Council facilitator. An
aerospace and physics professional, he's also taught numerous
Technician license classes.

Posted 7:48 PM by Rusty Kirts

Who said HF was dead?

Ham Radio Operators Train National Guardsmen on the Communications Tool

The military is trying to bring back the use of high-frequency communications rather than having sole dependence on satellite communication.

Read the story at:

Posted 6:20 PM by Rusty Kirts

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Use that 2m transceiver!

Possibly the silliest situation we have in amateur radio is that nearly all newcomers buy 2m handhelds only to find that they can’t hit that many repeaters, there aren’t that many guys on 2m anymore, and the old farts that are on 2m won’t talk to them, anyway.

We should all try to do something about this. If you have a 2m radio in the shack, turn it on while you’re down there. If you here a guy give his call sign, return the call, even if you don’t recognize the callsign. You could be missing an interesting conversation, and you’re certainly missing a chance to improve amateur radio in your area.

Recently, I did just that. Shortly after turning on the rig, I heard “KD8YQZ listening.” I was putzing around with something and thought about not calling him back, but then decided that whatever it was I was doing, was certainly not important enough to not talk to this guy.

As it turned out, Tom had just passed the test at Dayton last Saturday, and his callsign appeared in the FCC database on Tuesday. How cool is that?

Shortly after we started talking Todd, KD8WPX, broke in and we started a round-robin QSO. These were two younger guys, and not only were they interested in amateur radio, but also in the local “maker” groups. I was able to point them in the right direction on both counts.

It was also an “Elmer” moment. I taught Tom the about the courtesy tone and about round-robin QSOs. I hope that it was as positive an experience for both of those guys as it was for me.

The tip here is that you should turn the radio on when you’re in your shack or out in the garage, and monitor the repeaters. Not only that, return the call when you hear someone come on. If you don’t, I don’t want to hear any complaints from you about how there’s no 2m activity anymore or how ham radio is getting to be just a bunch of old guys. 73.


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Posted 6:41 PM by Kevin Nuetzman

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CQ announces 2014 Hall of Fame inductees
CQ magazine today announced its 2014 Hall of Fame inductees, adding two members each to the CQ DX and Contest Halls of Fame, as well as eight new members of the CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame. 

CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame 

The CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame honors those individuals, whether licensed hams or not, who have made significant contributions to amateur radio; and those amateurs who have made significant contributions either to amateur radio, to their professional careers or to some other aspect of life on our planet. 
The 2014 inductees (listed alphabetically) are: 
Mike Koss, (sk) W9SU, DXer and DXpeditoner; founder and owner of filter manufacturer ICE (Industrial Communications Engineers); key player in establishment of Indianapolis Motor Speedway Amateur Radio Club, W9IMS; organizer of special event station W87PAX at 1987 Pan American Games in Indianapolis. 

And the rest;

Clifford Berry, W9TIJ, who helped usher in the computer age as co-inventor of the Atanasoff-Berry computer (or ABC), the precursor of virtually all electronic computers.
Warren Bruene, W5OLY, prolific radio designer and innovator who designed many Collins radios and helped the company introduce single-sideband voice communications.
John Huntoon, W1RW, former ARRL General Manager, QST Editor, helped bring about international allocation of the 30-, 17- and 12-meter bands.
Nancy Kott, WZ8C, former Editor of WorldRadio and WorldRadio Online and tireless promoter of Morse Code as U.S. coordinator of the FISTS CW Club.
Paul Laughton, N6BVH, software designer whose accomplishments include developing Apple's disk operating system and Atari's operating system.
Ralph Showers, ex-W3GEU, expert on electronic interference and leader of efforts to set national and international standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). He holds several awards from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Steve Wozniak, ex-WV6VLY and ex-WA6BND, co-founder of Apple Computers.

CQ DX and Contest Halls of Fame

The CQ DX and Contest Halls of Fame honor those amateurs who not only excel in personal performance in these major areas of amateur radio but who also "give back" to the hobby in outstanding ways.
The 2014 inductees to the CQ DX Hall of Fame are:
Joe Reisert, W1JR , a DXer and DXpeditioner since the 1950s, Joe has DXCC Mixed, Phone, CW, Digital and QRP with over 300 entities confirmed for each, along with 13-band Worked All States, 13-band Worked All Continents and CQ's USA-CA All Counties award. Joe is also a pioneer in 432-MHz EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communications, ran his own antenna manufacturing company (Antennaco) and is a prolific writer and public speaker.
David Collingham, K3LP, a leading DXer and DXpeditioner who is also focused on using amateur radio as an educational tool, at home and around the world. He has equipped a complete station at his hometown elementary school and has taught amateur radio to young people in Iraq, Ethiopia and Rotuma.

The 2014 inductees to the CQ Contest Hall of Fame are:
J. Scott Redd, K0DQ, is already a member of the CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame for his service to our nation as an Admiral, Deputy Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and the first Director of the National Counterterrorism Center. Scott has always found time within his professional duties for amateur radio and his first love, contesting. He is one of only two people to have won the single-operator category of all of the world's major contests.
Ed Muns, W0YK, is a noted RTTY contester with 9 single-op all-band and one multi-two championships and six world records. Ed is also Director of the CQ World Wide RTTY DX and RTTY WPX Contests, and manager of the North American Sprint RTTY Contest. He is also very active in the Northern California Contest Club and is a past club officer and director.

Formal inductions to the CQ Contest and DX Halls of Fame were scheduled for the Dayton Hamvention.® More detailed descriptions of inductees will appear in the official announcement in the July 2014 issue of CQ magazine


Posted 7:10 PM by Kevin Nuetzman

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Second Time's a charm!

We had three more of the scouts from Troop 265 in Greenwood pass their technician exams. Welcome to the air waves, KD9BGB, KD9BGC, and KD9BGD. We also had one of the adults in our class pass their General exam on May 10th at the WD9BSA testing session. Congrats gentlemen on your new licenses. We look forward to hearing you on the air.

Also as a reminder, we have a Tech to General class starting in June. Right now we are looking at Wednesday nights, beginning June 18th. We should have more information in the next week. 73s de N9AWM

Posted 9:04 PM by Andrew Murrey


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